Ogre empire

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Ogre Empire
Visit the land of a magical spell, where the kingdoms are the birthplace of kings and queens, Jokers and Ogre ?!

The last blow of Betsoft in OGRE EMPIRE, a fantastic kingdom, with the rather annoying Ogre problem! An innovative day / night cycle replaces the game and allows players to experience what kind of life is like people in the city.

During the day, the Ogre is awake and active, and the townspeople are asleep. And it’s not surprising that Ogre sometimes breaks stone symbols and offers additional rewards! One night falls, Ogre falls asleep, and the townspeople will live in stone. They appear only in the night mode on the drums, they will give them royal rewards. The highest prizes are not the only way out of the night mode: The Joker also appears and will please you 2x WILD WINS!

The Joker, of course, is not the only wild discovery in this kingdom! Both day and night offer special blooming flowers. Look at the spell to grow and expand, as each flower blooms, grows or spores and rotates other symbols on the WILD drums!
In OGRE EMPIRE, wrestling is a drum, and rewards are mythical!

300% Match Bonus
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