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Wouldn’t it be great to earn some money and have fun while doing so? Work can be a drag, doing the same thing everyday. If you feel this way, then it is about time you take a break and play pokies online in Australia. What’s so great about online pokies, anyway? What makes it such a hit among players today? Well, for one thing, you will no longer need to go anywhere just to play online pokies. You can do so right at the comforts of home or even at the office during your break time.

No need to spend time and money traveling back and forth. It is a hassle-free pastime which you can do at any time of day (or night, for that matter). Plus, you would not even need to dress up for the occasion- you can be in your pajama’s and still earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in one sitting.

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Another advantage of free pokies is that you can earn serious money. Studies show that a player has a 98% payout rate from online casinos as compared to the 90% payout rate of regular pubs and casinos. The difference is quite significant, don’t you think? Finally, if you play online pokies, you get freebies such as free slot games and spins. This is something you will not usually find in a regular casino.

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